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If you are a professional web designer, developer, writer, or even a professional lawyer with interesting industry insights that you would like to share with your peers, we would like to encourage you to submit your latest work to our editors.

The more knowledge we are able to put out there, the more we are able to enrich the lives and increase the client lists of lawyers and law firms. If you think you are able to become a regular or a once-off contributor for McLeod Law Design, we would love to hear from you. You’ll find the details of how we accept submissions below.

What we publish

Our content includes everything from the latest in web development for law firms, to writing effective headlines for marketing campaigns. Every piece published is carefully crafted and specifically aimed at lawyers and legal practices. Our main focus is web design, but we also write about general marketing for law firms, digital marketing for law firms, and give our readers practical guides on how to get their websites right on top.

Topics we write about

Web design for law firms
Best SEO practices
Social Media Strategies
Pay Per Click Advertising for legal firms
Wordpress themes and plugins best suited for law firms
Digital Marketing Strategies for law firms

How to submit your work

Once you have an article with a maximum word count of 1 500, you can send it in word format to our editor. Remember to include the words “Contributor Submission” together with your name and surname in the subject line of your email.

Please ensure that your submission is error-free and take the time to proofread and edit it before sending it to us.

We pride ourselves on publishing high-quality and informative content pieces that cannot be found anywhere else on the web. If you have copied or used information ‘as is’ from another site, we will refrain from publishing it.

Once you have submitted your work, our editor will revise it and be in touch as soon as we have decided whether we would like to continue and work with you.

Submissions should be sent to mcleodlawoffices@mcleodlawoffices.com