About McLeod Law Design

Welcome to McLeod Law Design, the home of the best in digital marketing tips and guides for professional lawyers and law firms.

Law firms and lawyers alike need specifically crafted tactics and strategies to put themselves apart from the sea of competitors out there. This is exactly what McLeod Law Design is all about – providing lawyers and law firms with the necessary tools to run successful digital marketing campaigns and launch their online presence with a bang.

Not only do we have a solid background and experience in digital marketing, we also have a couple of experienced lawyers on our team. This combination gives us the advantage and allows us to provide only the best advice, strategies and tactics to lawyers and law firms. Our knowledge ranges from web design to intricate marketing strategies, offering law firms and lawyers turnkey solutions when it comes to their marketing needs.

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Even though we do focus on web design, our knowledge base includes professional designers, writers, marketers and developers, all dedicated to share their passion and knowledge to those who can benefit from it. If you would like to speak to one of the professional consultants on our team, feel free to contact us directly. We also encourage our readers to engage and connect with McLeod Law Design and contribute their own knowledge. Read more about how you can become a contributor on the Write for Us page.

Whether you need some advice on getting the best web design, or an in-depth social media strategy to be drawn up for your law firm, we’ve got all your burning questions answered right here.