Web Design for Law Firms: 7 Key Elements Every Lawyer Website Must Have

Blog7 840x360 - Web Design for Law Firms: 7 Key Elements Every Lawyer Website Must Have

Simply having a website is no longer enough. Not only should it be unique, have a constant stream of high-quality content, the design should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Don’t get us started on other elements such as graphics effects or photos.

Integration with Google Maps is always a good idea, of course, and all those other things that just did not exist about 15 years ago. Yes, technology is amazing. Not only are we able to grab users’ attention, we can do it in style and get ranked higher on search engines while doing so. Which is, of course, the ultimate goal, right?

In this post, we take a closer look at 7 key elements that you should always have on your law firm’s website. Whether you are just starting out, a large corporation or a tiny firm with 3 partners, these elements are crucial for your firm’s digital success.

If you want to learn more about web design for your law firm, be sure to keep an eye out for all the latest news on our blog. You might just find this article very handy when you decide to build your own site.

Now, let’s get started and take a look at the 7 key elements every law firm’s website simply cannot be without, shall we?

1. Easy Navigation

You probably don’t want users to bump off your site just as they find it, right? Well, then you should make sure that your site is very easy to navigate. Users should be able to see the menu clearly and know exactly what it is that you are offering and wanting from them. If your site is not user-friendly, it won’t do great.

z1 - Web Design for Law Firms: 7 Key Elements Every Lawyer Website Must Have

2. A Search Function

Sometimes when you cannot find something on a website, your eyes sort of automatically drifts to the left upper corner of the screen hoping you can search for whatever it is your looking for. Keep this in mind when building your own site. Make things as easy as possible for your prospective clients. If they can’t find what they are looking first off, they should be able to search for it. The search button should also be rather prominent and stand out.

3. About Section and Prominent Practice Area

Show off your team and partners and highlight your key areas of services prominently. Users and prospective clients should be able to access this information easily. This is the information that they are probably most interested in, to begin with – what it is you are offering them and a description of who you are.

cts - Web Design for Law Firms: 7 Key Elements Every Lawyer Website Must Have

4. Call to Action (CTA)

Pardon the marketing jargon, but no site should be without a call to action. Whether you want site visitors to sign up for your monthly newsletter or if you want them to get in touch with you, these features should stand out and grab their attention.

5. Contact Form and Map

Prospective clients should be able to navigate to your contact form without any hassles. They should be able to fill out the form and get in touch with you easily – this element is both good for your firm and prospective clients. Remember to include an integrated Google Map of how they can find your practice as well.

6. Footers With Enough Info

Sometimes footers are not really utilized properly. Which is a shame really? This is the ideal spot to put all the handy information users can’t find at face value sometimes. Things that you can include here is your contact information, social media buttons, and links to other pages and articles on your site. Make sure the design is simple and sleek and logically organized.

7. Striking Design and Fitting Images

Your website’s design should be simple, professional and striking at the same time. Wow, prospective clients and win them over with smashing photography and elegant layouts. Another thing that you should keep in mind when designing your firm’s website is the load time of pages. Keep your images at the optimal size to prevent your load times to lag.

z2 - Web Design for Law Firms: 7 Key Elements Every Lawyer Website Must Have

Bonus tip:  They say content is king, which is true especially in the case of SEO purposes. Be sure to keep a fresh and updated blog running with high-quality and unique content pieces.

There you have it! Without these 7 elements, you probably would be able to build a site, but it won’t be getting you very far. These elements will give you an advantage over competitors who haven’t done their homework properly. We hope you’ve found the article to be insightful and that you will be using these elements on your website in the near future!

Keeping up With the Greatest: The 5 Best Law Firm Websites of 2018

Blog6 840x360 - Keeping up With the Greatest: The 5 Best Law Firm Websites of 2018

It’s always good to keep yourself in the know of what is trending and happening in the tech world. Especially if you are competing with some of the big wigs, besides, making a good impression online is important as this translates what type of service prospective clients can expect when they make contact with you.

In this post, we showcase 5 of the very best law firm websites of 2018 for you to look at and feel inspired. Whether you want to revamp your existing site or start from scratch, the list features stunning web design and efficient user experience design that simply leaves us in awe.

If you wish to contact us and have a chat about your web design questions for your law firm, feel free to drop us a mail or just give us a call – our doors and lines are open!

Let’s now take a look at some of the very best in web design for law firms.

Ruzicka, Wallace & Coughlin, LLP

What we love most about this website is the fact that they feature the practice areas flush on the homepage. So whether you are directed there from a search engine or not, you already know what their practice areas are. The impressive visuals and sleek design make a memorable impression.

m1 - Keeping up With the Greatest: The 5 Best Law Firm Websites of 2018

Oles Morrison Rinker Baker LLP

The impressive slider keeps users engage, while user experience was top of mind when designing the site. Users have ease of access especially with regards to getting to know the team, learning more about practice areas and contacting the firm. We also love the about section written by one of the partners, giving the site a more personal touch than others.

Prodoc Kytel

The aesthetics of this site is just breathtaking – the perfect balance between black and white images with red focus colors worked in subtly. Users are able to download forms easily by navigating to the forms page from the menu bar. The fact that the contact details are very accessible in the footer on all pages scores them bonus points.
m2 - Keeping up With the Greatest: The 5 Best Law Firm Websites of 2018

Lyons Dougherty

Another striking landing page with great images and perfect touches of color, this site was definitely designed with the end user in mind. Easily navigate to lawyer portfolios, contact forms or practice areas easily identified in the menu bar. A most impressive contact form with an integrated Google Maps section in the background makes this site pop.

Jordan Lewis P.A.

This site draws users in with fantastic photography and catchy taglines from the get-go. The services are neatly listed in the menu bar, but what is most striking about this particular site is the content on the homepage. Users get to know the firm on a very personal level, added with the fantastic design and photography, that’s a winning recipe for digital success!

m3 - Keeping up With the Greatest: The 5 Best Law Firm Websites of 2018

Do you have a favorite from the list we’ve provided? Or perhaps you have another in mind. Feel free to contact us and let us know or just share your thoughts in the comment section below. We hope you enjoyed the roundup and that you now feel inspired to get started on your very own majestic website today. For more information on web design for your law firm, you may find this article of interest.

Digital Marketing for Lawyers – The Complete Digital Strategy for beginners

Blog5 840x360 - Digital Marketing for Lawyers - The Complete Digital Strategy for beginners

Digital marketing might not be something everyone can do, but with a little help and guidance, anyone can draw up a digital marketing strategy, implement and review it. We know how hectic life can get, having to juggle time between consulting clients, setting up meetings, reading through material and court time, very little time is left for yourself. And you still have to be out there and gain more clients and actively market the firm.

With this in-depth guide, you will be able to tick the digital strategy box and rest assured that there is one less thing for you to worry or think about. Even though digital marketing is considered a bit of a science, it is easily learned. If you are interested in learning more about digital marketing, feel free to read our blog on digital marketing for law firms.

Now, let’s get started with the complete digital marketing strategy guide for law firms. Once you have wrapped your head around the basics, you should be able to start your own strategy straight away.

#1 Identify your marketing goals

Before you get started, it is advised to start at the very beginning. This is a crucial step in developing a successful marketing strategy. The whole point of having a marketing strategy is to achieve something, and without knowing exactly what you want to achieve, you might as well be standing outside at midnight shouting at the stars.

Marketing goals should always be specific:
Yes, very specific. You need to know exactly what you want to accomplish, down to the last tee. A great example would be to gain 500 new clients. This is a specific goal with a number attached to it.

Marketing goals should be measurable:
This is where the number comes in. If you are not specific in the first aspect, you will not be able to measure your success.

Marketing goals should be achievable:
Yes, we know you want to make it big and gain 1 000 000 new clients. But remember to keep things realistic. You should always consider your current growth pattern for instance before setting up unattainable goals.

marketing - Digital Marketing for Lawyers - The Complete Digital Strategy for beginners

Marketing goals should be relevant:
Once again, keep it relevant to your current growth. Keep things realistic and avoid being discouraged or disappointed. Digital marketing is a powerful tool, but it is no magic trick!

Marketing goals should be time-bound:
Last but not least, you should give your strategy a timeline with intervals where you measure your efforts. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments and ensure you get the results you identified in the first place.

#2 Identify your prospective clients

This step requires some research. You need to understand your ideal audience and clients inside and out. This is the only way for you to fully understand what would appeal to them, where they spend their time online, what they like spending it on and so on.

You should have a vague idea of your current client base demographics, psychographics and so on. Unless you want to reinvent the wheel, this should be the perfect starting point for you. You will need to draw up different personas of ideal clients.

These personas should be as detailed as possible, as this will bring you closer to marketing success. Typical information to be included in these persona files are age, income, employment, marital status and so on. Remember to try and get it as detailed as possible. Get to know your ideal client. Other factors that are important for you to consider are likes and dislikes, hobbies, and of course pain points. This is where you or your service offering comes into play.

#3 Identify platforms where you should have a presence

If your customers are active on platforms such as Facebook, you will be able to reach them there. If they are active on LinkedIn, you will be able to reach them there. Remember, each platform, whether it is your website or a social media channel, has its own lingo and its own specific audiences. Do your homework and get to know where you will get the most results.

#4 Do an audit of current active online profiles

If you already have a presence online, do a quick audit and see how you are doing currently. We would advise using a site auditing tool to ensure your site is performing well and also do an extensive audit of your social media profiles.

marketing2 - Digital Marketing for Lawyers - The Complete Digital Strategy for beginners

Make sure all your communication channels are on brand and that you have an identifiable image across all platforms. Use your logo as profile images and striking images for headers.

Ensure that your content is in line with your firm’s brand voice and that it is in line with what you have discovered would be engaging to your identified audience. Content should be on-brand and high-quality for SEO purposes.

#5 Draw up an extensive content distribution cycle

Content should be published on a regular basis. Now, if you do not have the time to write or design the content yourself, it would be great to get the help of professionals in for this. A good measure would be to publish great content on your website’s blog once a week, publish on your social media channels twice a day, and send out a newsletter monthly.

Be sure your content cycle runs in a sensical and logical manner, and also that the content you intend to publish is not considered spam but is high-quality, unique and helpful to your prospective clients.

A proposed content publishing cycle is to have one piece of owned content published on your blog, have it published on your social media channel a day or week afterward, and then publish it again in your monthly newsletter. Even though this may seem a bit repetitive, remember that due to algorithms on digital platforms, not all your content will be seen by everyone at the time when you publish it. This ensures you get the most out of your content. To make your life easier, you are able to utilize easy to use tools that can take care of publishing and measuring results for you automatically. Here are some worth checking out:


#6 Invest in PPC (pay per click) advertising

Whether it is via Google Ads or social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, there is value to be found in paid digital advertising campaigns.

Include paid advertising in your marketing budget. This type of campaigns is easy to set up and monitor. Play around with different sets of keywords and images, utilize A/B testing and see what your prospects relate to and what delivers results. Running paid campaigns can bring you closer to your goals in a shorter time, if planned and implemented correctly.

#7 Monitor your progress, review, and repeat

To tie things up, you should go back to your identified goals and measure your success. See how your efforts paid off and whether you reached your goals.

marketing3 - Digital Marketing for Lawyers - The Complete Digital Strategy for beginners

There are tons of measuring tools out there, whether you are running a paid ad campaign on Google Adwords, or a campaign on Facebook, these platforms offer users unique insights on their own platforms. These tools are free and you don’t have to pay for making use of them. For Facebook advertising, you can use Facebook Insights and for Google AdWords, you can use Google Analytics for free. Google Analytics is also a powerful tool if you just want to see how your website is performing in general.

Once you have your results (we advise to keep an eye on your progress on a weekly basis), you can see whether you need to make any adjustments. Review your strategy and start again!

We hope that you have found this article insightful and that you’ll have your very own digital marketing strategy running in no-time. If you would like to read more about digital marketing, be sure to browse our blog for more information on topics like WordPress themes for law firms. For more in-depth information on digital marketing in general, be sure to check out HubSpot’s blog.

5 of the Best Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Legal Offices Online

Blog4 840x360 - 5 of the Best Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Legal Offices Online

Marketing is an important factor for success whether you like to admit it or not. Having the time to promote yourself actively and still provide your services to your clients is a whole other story. Never fear though, if done right, and your strategies are in place, you need not put too much pressure on yourself. This post focuses on 5 of the best marketing strategies you can apply easily. Once these strategies are in place, all that is left to do is focus on actual work!

Perhaps you have existing marketing strategies for your firm and you are not seeing any results. As with most things in life, the proof usually is in the pudding. The five strategies we are about to discuss have been tried and tested by professionals such as yourself. Remember, if you would like to discuss your firm’s needs with professional digital marketers, our doors are open, and you are welcome to give us a call.

Without further adieu, here are 5 of the best marketing strategies for law firms

1. Invest time in Trade Associations

Put some time aside for face-time at trade association get-togethers. Not only is this the perfect tool for networking, but being able to interact one-on-one with potential clients is a very rare thing and these conferences are the perfect way to be where your clients are and engage them.

2. Invest time and money in a professional website

Having a web presence will already put you out there where your competitors are. If you don’t you are not competing at all. Make sure you take the time to get the perfect professional site for your firm that functions properly and allows clients to get in touch with you easily.

law - 5 of the Best Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Legal Offices Online

3. Discover social media and other digital channels

In the tech age, it only makes sense to have a presence or be visible where your prospective clients are. It’s also suggested to utilize these channels for SEO purposes, meaning your firm will be ranked higher if it offers quality content via all digital channels and if you have an active audience.

4. Invest in high-quality content

Whether you focus on digital or print marketing, ensuring your communications are on par with industry standard is key to successful marketing. Make sure your image is professional, and that you share high-quality and authoritative content in many formats. Images, infographics, and video are what is doing the trick online nowadays, so consider jumping on the bandwagon.

5. Measure your results and review

Measuring your results is a key component in successful marketing. If you don’t know whether your efforts are being noticed, it does not really make any sense to throw cash at it. Whether it is letterbox marketing or a newsletter campaign, be sure to see how your campaigns perform and how prospects react to it. Scratch campaigns that aren’t delivering results.

We hope that you’ve found this post helpful and that you will be able to get the best out of your marketing efforts effortlessly. If you are interested in learning more about digital marketing for law firms, read this article on best practices for law firm web design.

Want to build a new website? 13 Awesome WordPress Themes for Lawyer Websites You have got to consider using

Blog3 840x360 - Want to build a new website? 13 Awesome WordPress Themes for Lawyer Websites You have got to consider using

Looking to get a new website or just starting to consider having an online presence? Having the time and resources could be tricky. Most law firms simply employ digital agencies to run with digital marketing projects such as web design. Some, however, rely on their own knowledge and resources, building their sites in-house.

In this post, we take a look at 13 of the very best WordPress themes that are designed specifically for law firms and lawyers. The amount of WordPress themes available out there is immense, that is why we took the time to browse through all of them and hand the best of the best to you on a silver platter. Hopefully, this will save you some time and help you decide which site is the best for you! Let’s get started.


This theme is not only elegant but features some of the top rated functionalities that will make your life a whole lot easier. You are able to customise it to your liking, add your logo and choose from a range of Google fonts. The theme also includes free widgets and integrates with Google Maps.

w1 - Want to build a new website? 13 Awesome WordPress Themes for Lawyer Websites You have got to consider using


With its sleek design and customisation options, there is nothing more you want from a website. The Defender theme offers the Booked WordPress plugin, which is essential in garnering more clients and planning your appointments. The theme is also fully responsive, meaning your clients will be able to access your site on the go, from whichever device they use.


The Factum WordPress theme is not only compatible with all browsers, it is also responsive and will give your firm a clean, polished and professional digital presence. Choose your color, your preferred layout, and publish striking images. Factum is also already SEO optimised, taking some pressure off a busy law firm’s shoulders.

w2 - Want to build a new website? 13 Awesome WordPress Themes for Lawyer Websites You have got to consider using

The Core

This multi-functional theme allows you choose from a range of demos and header options to get the best look and feel for your law firm. You are able to build the site yourself with the easy-to-use drag and drop page builder. You are even able to customise your contact form to suit your firm’s specific needs, so if you want to include your location or keep it simple, the choice is yours.


The Lawyers theme has built-in multilingual support, offers a wide range of homepage widgets, and so much more. The theme is fully responsive and works on all browsers, and you are able to choose the best Google font for your firm’s brand. Choose between two different header and footer options.

The Law

There is nothing you won’t love about The Law WordPress theme – it offers you tons of customising options, from multiple slider options, to colors and fonts, you name it, you’ll get it. The theme is also multilingual ready, offers e-commerce capabilities for online shopping, fully responsive and you’ll be able to engage prospective clients by personalized consultation booking and contact forms.

w3 - Want to build a new website? 13 Awesome WordPress Themes for Lawyer Websites You have got to consider using

Lawyer Base

Feature your firm’s talent with advanced Attorney post type. This theme will allow you to categorize practice areas neatly which will enhance the user experience for your site, and in turn, increase your SEO efforts. Your content will stand out from the crowd on this great design, which is also fully responsive.

Lawyer & Attorney

With the drag and drop builder, you are able to easily get your professional site up and running in no-time. The Lawyer & Attorney theme offers access to more than 600 Google fonts, is fully responsive and you are able to choose from a wide range of page layouts and footer options. Feature your practice areas with a perfect professional design.


Acquire is another WordPress theme that is geared specifically towards lawyers, attorneys, and law firms. The theme offers multiple color, layout and font options, enabling you to customise the site to be in line with your firm’s branding. You are also able to upload your logo to give it that finished touch. Other features include responsive sliders, woocommerce compatibility, and it is already SEO friendly.


This WordPress theme offers you the option to choose from 3 header styles and homepage layouts. Customise the site and personalize it to be aligned with your firm’s branding with a choice of any color. Easily get your site up and running with the drag and drop page builder. The theme is also fully responsive and multilingual ready.

w4 - Want to build a new website? 13 Awesome WordPress Themes for Lawyer Websites You have got to consider using


Give your online presence a prim and polished professional look with the Kaufman WordPress theme. Choose from more than 700 Google fonts, and multiple layouts. The theme is fully responsive and offers you the option to customise your Google Map. Easily customise the theme with the easy-to-use page builder.


The Avada WordPress theme is optimised for SEO and speedy load times, which means prospects will be able to access your site without a fuss. The theme is also fully customisable, enabling you to really make it your own in terms of layout, fonts used, colors and overall design. You simply can’t go wrong with this highly rated WordPress theme.


Even though this theme might be more suitable for larger law firms, it is still one that simply had to be included in our list. The theme includes a visual drag and drop builder, making your life much easier and ensuring your site looks exactly the way you envisioned it to be. It also includes ad banner areas and is fully responsive.

Now that you have a whole list of WordPress themes to choose from, you are probably anxious to get cracking and get yourself out there! If you want to add some handy plugins, be sure to read our post on WordPress plugins for law firm sites here. We hope you have found this article helpful and that you will have your site live in no-time!

The 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins for Lawyers You’ve Got to add to Your Site Right Now

Blog2 840x360 - The 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins for Lawyers You’ve Got to add to Your Site Right Now

Building, designing, and running a successful website can be a full-time job. One that you don’t necessarily have time for if you have to take care of business, see clients and go to court. It is however very important to have a web presence if you want to compete with your competitors and get noticed by prospective clients. Luckily there are tons of tools out there to make our lives easier, WordPress being but one of them. With WordPress anyone can build a professional website, you don’t have to be a developer or be able to code. If you can find a WordPress theme that suits your liking and your firm’s branding, you should be good to go.

What it all boils down to at the end of the day is having an online presence to increase your exposure, and having a clear objective for what you wish to accomplish with your website. This will give you an idea of what functionalities your website should have. For example, do you want prospective clients to be able to book appointments? Perhaps you want them to supply their contact details by using a contact form. Whatever the functionality, this will be achieved by installing certain WordPress plugins.

If you would like to learn more about digital marketing and publishing a great website, feel free to get in touch with one of our panel of specialists.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the best WordPress plugins for law firms.

yoast - The 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins for Lawyers You’ve Got to add to Your Site Right Now

1. Yoast

Yoast is specially designed to optimise your website SEO efforts. This means higher rankings, increased site visitors, and increased engagement. You are able to install the free version or a premium version which affords you more keywords, content insights and so on. A must-have for any law firm!

2. Google Analytics

Track and measure all your online marketing efforts with this plugin that will automatically gather all the important analytics. You’ll be able to see how many page views you had, where your views came from, what language users speak, the average time they spent on the site and so on. If you do run paid ads, you are even able to track how many clicks and views were generated from your marketing efforts. A very handy and insightful tool indeed.

img3 - The 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins for Lawyers You’ve Got to add to Your Site Right Now

3. WordPress Customer Reviews

Having credible reviews published by real clients has become imperative with the rise in sophisticated bots used by Google and other search engines. This plugin will allow your clients to publish their testimonials straight to your page. Of course, with the latest update, you are able to monitor and edit any sneaky typos. This is a must-have for any professional service provider out there if they want to increase their reach and engage.

4. Lexicata

This plugin is specifically designed for law firms and replaces the traditional contact form usually used on standard WordPress sites. The Lexicata plugin allows you to gain access to important leads and follow them up, hassle-free. Once a user completes a contact form on your website, the data is captured and sent directly to your inbox where you will be able to track and manage leads.

optin - The 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins for Lawyers You’ve Got to add to Your Site Right Now

5. OptinMonster

This plugin is perfect if you want to actively engage clients. Which is a no-brainer and a must-have. We would advise to have an active blog and compile a monthly or even quarterly newsletter that can be sent out to existing and prospective clients. OptinMonster is basically a plugin that allows you to include a pop-up once a visitor lands on your site asking them to subscribe and share contact information. You are able to track and guide the user’s journey through your site and even personalize pop-up messages.

Which plugin do you think will work best for your law firm? We hope you have found this post insightful and help you in choosing the best plugins for your brand new website.

5 of the Best Practices for Outstanding Law Firm Website Design | McLeod Law Design

BLog1 840x360 - 5 of the Best Practices for Outstanding Law Firm Website Design | McLeod Law Design

If you are a lawyer or own a law firm and don’t have a web presence yet, you should probably start considering getting a website set up. Gone are the days of people looking for professional services in the yellow pages, or finding an ad in the newspaper.

Communities have moved online now, and therefore it only makes sense that you promote your services here too. But how do you get your company out there in the most professional and effective way? If you don’t know anything about web design or development and are considering getting professional help in, that’s not a problem and probably for the best. If however, you can find your way around basic concepts and are going to build your own site, we’ve got a handy checklist for you to take into consideration before embarking on this exciting shift.

The best practices we are about to discuss would be helpful to those who already have a website, as this would give them an indication of industry standards. And for those calling in the pros, best to ask them upfront to ensure these points are taken care of. Let’s get started!

typing 1 - 5 of the Best Practices for Outstanding Law Firm Website Design | McLeod Law Design

#1 Make sure your site is responsive

It is important that your site’s display quality will work on all browsers and all devices. What this means is that the design is compatible and will open up, without any issues, on any device, operating system, and browser. Your prospects will be able to browse without being put off because they can’t access your information properly.

#2 Have an identifiable brand

Your branding should be in place. Make sure it features prominently on your website and that users will be able to identify your firm easily. If you do not have branding and a logo yet, consider hiring a professional graphic designer to develop one for you. Your site should be crisp, modern, and feature professional images and photos that are aligned with your branding.

lawyers - 5 of the Best Practices for Outstanding Law Firm Website Design | McLeod Law Design

#3 Showcase your team

Prospects usually warm up easier when they can see who they will be dealing with. But apart from the personal touch, it also adds to your firm’s credibility and gives you the opportunity to show your team’s accomplishments.

#4 Ensure you keep your site active with quality content

Not only will this enhance your SEO efforts, but it is also good for traffic. Users will enjoy going through your site if you are publishing useful and high-quality content on a regular basis. This does not have to be limited to articles but includes other forms of content such as videos, graphics or infographics.

#5 Pay attention to the details

Something like user experience can be easily overlooked, especially if you are not a professional web designer. This is however very important and can mean the success or failure of your firm’s website. If users cannot navigate easily, if the site is not functioning the way it ought to, or if it is just not accessible/user-friendly, you are bound to lose prospective clients instantly. Also make sure you have a prominent call to actions prompting prospects to contact you, or fill out a form, or request a quote. Whichever way you plan on gathering prospective clients’ information, make sure that functionality is in place and works like a dream.

img2 - 5 of the Best Practices for Outstanding Law Firm Website Design | McLeod Law Design

Read this post for some more handy tips on crafting your firm’s website. We hope however that we could give you sufficient advice on ensuring your website is top-notch and gets the attention from prospective clients that it deserves. Feel free to get in touch with one of our professional web designers if you have any questions about your project.